Hi All,

Is there any material difference in MAME performance on a MacBook vs. a MacBook Pro? All of the CPU benchmarks I read fall directly on processor speed lines. And, AFAIK, all of the MAME's use software or 2D rendering. Any difference due to the Pro's chipset at all?

My usage habits are mainly mp3's, photos, websurfing, and, of course, MAME.

I'm a long time Mac user, but had been clinging to my iBook G3 for OS9 backwards compatibility (I know, Sheep Shaver), and because I liked MacMAME so much. Now with a 4th video board crapout (see below), my hand has been forced.

(My apologies if my search missed a thread. I've been off the boards for MacMAME for a while as I've actually started acquiring some actual arcade cabinets and actual pinball machines.)



Backstory... my iBook G3 - 900 MHz finally died via video logic board failure #4 - 1 month out of my 3 year extension. frown So, after trying to remove the logic board for a solder reballing, I find that 3 times replacing your MOBO means that by the 4th trip, half the screws are nearly stripped and unremovable.

When I saw that they had been bending back the shielding themselves underneath the keyboard, I gave up. I'm going to try the "hot gun" or flaming tea light method (http://geektechnique.org/projectlab/726/diy-obsolete-ibook-logic-board-repair), but am going for the credit card hump with a possible clamp next as the limited shims I did already helped at least let it boot again...