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NSRT is probably not the best example - it's intended primarily to make everyone turn their ROMs into a proprietary format so the author can then charge people to use them smile

Umm... I fail to see your point here. All NSRT does (and only if you tell it to) is use empty space in the 512-byte header at the start of .smc files to provide additional info, such as controllers used by the game. Although NSRT is closed source, the NSRT header is used by Snes9x and ZSNES, both of which are open source. Besides, the NSRT header is designed with backwards compatibility in mind, so any emulator or tool can still read ROMs with an NSRT header, whether the software knows anything about NSRT or not.

I don't think a piece of software has to be open source to be good. It can help, but it certainly isn't necessary.

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