Hi Everyone,

I'm not an expert Mac user at all... my last Mac had System 7. But my girlfriend has one and understands hers even less than I do, so here I am, trying to find a way to get Puzzle Bobble and Puzzle Fighter II Turbo to work on it, however I can. MacMAME looks like my best bet since she's on 10.3.x.

It's not working (half-opens in the dock, then closes) and thanks to you guys I know it's probably because of Quicktime 7.1. You also have instructions to downgrade it, but it sounds like the links to older version were taken down last year... so now what? Does it work with Quicktime 7.2? Are there other ways to downgrade Quicktime and did 7.1 bring anything that a casual user might miss? Should I look for other emulators instead?

Any help would be very greatly appreciated, thanks!


PS I can handle complicated computer instructions, just keep in mind I don't really understand how Mac folders are organized yet, and where I'm supposed to put things.

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