How do I get the game list to show me only the games I actually have? I waited through the audit, but that doesn't appear to have done anything. Why is it still showing me a complete list including games it now knows I don't have?

What does View -> Toggle Substitution do? All it does for me is bring up the message "You must run an audit to populate this list", and then when I click "Audit Unaudited Games" it just brings me back to the full game list.

What's the difference between selecting "Good" and "Favorites" in the filter? How do I set a game as 'good' even though it might not be one of my favorites?

When I launched MAME OS X for the first time, it said 'Updating game list' and game me the same 'You must run an audit" message, but the "Audit" button was greyed out. What's the difference between updating the game list and running an audit? I quit MAME OS X and relaunched it before the "updating game list" went away, and now it never came back - is that a problem, should I have let it finish first?