Well, after almost ten years, I've shut down MacMAME.net. It hadn't been updated much since the last release of MacMAME two years ago, and since that indeed appears to be the last release of MacMAME, I didn't see any point in keeping the site around. The domain name has not been renewed, and I suppose it's now up for grabs if anyone wants it.

It was a lot of fun running the site in MacMAME's heyday, but like the classic era itself, it would seem all good things must come to an end, and so it seems to be with MacMAME as we knew it, and the original community (for the most part) that had built up around it.

The one part of MacMAME.net worth keeping - the movie reviews - will be finding a new home at Cinemarcade, which seems appropriate (thanks to Dave Dries). Once they're in their new home, I'll post a notice here, since I'll be updating one of the reviews and adding a brand new one.

These days I spend most of my time over at AtariAge. I've been involved in the Homebrew scene quite a bit, creating sprites and other artwork for a whole slew of new games for the Atari 2600. It's been a lot of fun, and there are a number of people from the MacMAME boards over there as well. Plus, I've got my blog over there too, if you want to catch up with more of what I've been up to. My CheepTech website will see a major overhaul this year, and become my new home on the web.

For the time being, anyone wanting to dig through what was left of MacMAME.net can find it here. This will be going away sometime in the next few weeks or months, since the server it's on is being retired, and I'm not going to make any efforts to keep it online after that.

Thanks to everyone for visiting the site over the years, to those who have made contributions to it, and especially to Brad for making MacMAME, and keeping it going for far longer than any one individual could have been reasonably expected to.

See you around!

- Nathan

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