As much as I will miss MacMAME (I started with the very first version in 1997), I think that we have in the combination of MAME OS X and SDLMAME fantastic replacements and, comparing to 10 years ago, with current Mac OS X and Macs a great environment to run them on.

Although the excitement of seeing for the first time Pacman, Galaga, Xevious and co. on my computer screen may have waned a little, every minor u release is still special to me and I can't stop compiling it, twisting it, making sure I have proper screenshots, artwork and even updating once in a while a little utility that I wrote for it, about the only programming effort I do today.

MAME is one of the greatest software pieces on my hard disc, both literally and metaphorically speaking smile

IIRC, this is one of the first message boards ever I registered to because I couldn't get enough information about MESS and MAME in the days, and I hope to reach eventually my 1000th post here laugh

It was and still is a great community here, so let me thank you for all your work toward the MacMAME community and I hope you will still drop by from time to time.

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