There's apparently a rumor that all of kingshriek's patches for the SCSP in MAME/AOSDK were simply Neill Corlett's Highly Experimental code. I'm sorry I even have to address something this mindbogglingly stupid, but here goes:

1) I was aware that KS had the HE code and I did keep an eye on the patches accordingly.

2) Anyone with decent C/C++ experience would agree that ElSemi's SCSP code in MAME has a pretty distinctive style and general way of doing things. Everything KS submitted fit that style and didn't attempt to make any major changes to how things worked, even when that would have been a good idea :-)

3) Some of the bugs fixed in MAME were also present in HE, so the fix had to have been independently derived.

4) FM mode doesn't exist in HE (at all, to my knowledge), so it was clearly all original engineering.

And the trump card:

5) Lord Nightmare asked Neill about this on IRC and Neill looked at the code and said there was no copying.