Speakers will do and MinGW is what I use to compile Makaron.
BTW - I see the ARM guys got interested in the code. But why stop at PSR Transfers - maybe this is the only thing they changed in the specs since ARM7 but I wouldn't mind them making sure the rest is OK too smile

And since we are at it, it wasn't 24th bit but rather S & H bits are ignored and so are the 4 zero bits that make the upper part of the offset in halfword opcodes. Like this:

#ifdef ARM7_THUMB
else if ((ARM7.kod & 0x0fb00ff0) == 0x01000090)
else if ((ARM7.kod & 0x0fb00090) == 0x01000090)
R_SWP ();

Consider this unsafe though. May be Dreamcast-specific.

EDIT: Well what do you know, I typed "make" and I got an EXE. And here I though it takes some arcane knowledge smile

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