My ARM code is apparently based on obsolete specs frown That not much of an issue with AICA ARM, as it's even older, but I guess it really breaks new cores. Those bits that select which part of PSR to touch? Those are constant in my manual. I was a bit suspicious of that, seeing how the old MAME core actually cared, so I think I got the opcode decoder right.
Funny thing though... that Love Hina tunes plays right only with the revised PSR Transfer, my wonn't cut it. But when I copied that into Makaron nothing changed... it's a broken as always was. Curious. I guess it's digging time...

And CTRL+C was the first thing that came to my mind. If it runs in shell and uses printfs for debug, it's user-friendly enough for me smile

EDIT: I just noticed - that "if (BIT_I)" in LDRH/STRH is implied, as there is separate function handling register specified offset. Unless those are to be merged into one (not a bad idea BTW), I'd throw it away.

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