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I suspect Naomi may be a richer source of sequenced music than the DC
I wouldn't count on it. The way I understand it Naomi has more memory only because it's unable to stream directly from GD-ROM. There's much less content on those GDs compared to DC ones.

Of course that could also mean the now missing movies and streams were replaced by sequenced music to fill the gap smile

kingshriek, there's another tough case I'd like you to take a look at. Soul Reaver has two sound drivers, one called MANATEE2 and one AUDIO64 (looks like MANATEE clone to me). No MLT files of any sort but when you throw out the movies, dialogues pack, graphics pack and binaries, there's still one big file left. Music has to be inside...
I may need to set up an FTP for that one though, as it would clobber your mail box otherwise. I'll let you know once it's ready.