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Soul Reaver famously used interactive music, and thus I would presume it's going to be painful to rip (early attempts at various developed-by-Rare N64 games with interactive music usually resulted in all the possible tracks playing at once, which was not real listenable ;-)

Unreal (the PC one, not the old Amiga game) had dynamic music as well (exploration/battle IIRC). All that amounted was some jump to pattern commands and a Scream/Impulse tracker module with two or three songs.

Skies of Arcadia has supposedly some dynamic music as well (boss battle tracks?), and I think kingshriek rip has all the music variations as a separate minidsf files, so hopefully Soul Reaver will be the same.

Some more aoDSF/HT comparisons here: www.snesmusic.org/hoot/log.txt
Might be a bit longwinded, but there's some good info there. This is all based on a5, BTW.