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nesdev alternately denies there's a problem with iNES and pushes the weak-sauce iNES 2.0. I'm not sure they'll like medicine this strong, but with Marty and bootgod driving it's sure to attract attention :-)

And it sure did. Well, even if the OP there was unessecarily provocative, at least I got credited for being the creator of "the sunlight, the earth, the community...". Anyway, I'm tired right now so I'll just post some brief comments.

- IPS should work just fine as long as they're soft-patched. PRG+CHR minus 16 and voila.

- There are several excellent free XML parsers available, such as TinyXML. I wrote my own because I'm crazy.

- I'm not interested in leading a crusade to get rid of INES. Every format has its strengths and weaknesses. Apples and oranges. I like oranges.

- Nice work on Schpune Disch. smile