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- IPS should work just fine as long as they're soft-patched. PRG+CHR minus 16 and voila.

Well, you'd better convince Richard Bannister to add soft IPS support in the Mac version, or you can count me out as a customer for the new format (at least the zipfile aspect).
- I'm not interested in leading a crusade to get rid of INES. Every format has its strengths and weaknesses. Apples and oranges. I like oranges.

Nor should you. As I said, INES will never go away. You're just adding another alternative for people to use, or not use. What ticked people off at nesdev is the fact that the poster proclaimed the death of INES. That's flat out wrong. Besides, INES files can still benefit from the XML database approach, so it isn't like you gain nothing by sticking with INES.

"Last version was better," says Floyd. "More bugs. Bugs make game fun."