Okay, I suppose my definition of "big" isn't that broad.
BTW I can easily point several places in this doc where it's just plain wrong about things. I assumed whoever wrote original DSP code had access to something a bit more descriptive.

I'll cut to the point - this still doesn't say where exactly in 64-bit DSP word are fields like XSEL, YSEL, etc. And the reason I'm asking is I don't trust the decoding done in current AICA implementation. Example (and based on this doc too): MASA is defined as bits [5:0] (just not where exactly) and aicadsp.c does this first "UINT32 MASA=(IPtr[6]>>9)&0x1f;" and then "ADDR=DSP->MADRS[MASA<<1];" later. That's [4:0] shifted to [5:1].

Sure you don't really get anything out of helping me create DSP support for Makaron, but at least you'd know I didn't just steal your code smile