Hi all,

I decided to take a peek at the source for Mess last night. I'm a long time mame user / compiler / occasional tinkerer but haven't ever looked at Mess before.

I decided to go the route of pulling it up in eclipse. I'm on Mac OS X Leopard by the way. Now, I appreciate the "no support for SVN versions" statement that I read somewhere along the line, but I'm just trying to establish if the build failure I'm getting is because something my end is broke, or something in the current SVN (updated this morning, 3/4/08).

I'm seeing the error: "ld: in obj/sdl/messd/libocore.a, archive has no table of contents" and then it stops. That sounds more like a config thing at my end than anything? It does do it if I make from the command line too though so I'm guessing it's not specifically Eclipse related.

2nd, probably much quicker one, to get it to compile (as far as it will) with the built in debugger enabled I had to hack the makefile and comment out the line that adds -Werror for optimised builds as some methods are marked as deprecated. Is there a better way?

Finally, I can't see a way in Eclipse to edit a Make Target, only how to delete one (delete key) or add one (right click on the project and select "Make targets / Create") That seems a little bizarre that if I want to add a make option later, as I did for DEBUGGER=1 then I would have to delete the target and re-create it. Any ideas on that one?

Thanks for any pointers and sorry if this is the wrong place for this.