There's some complaints about the crash cymbal in Shining the Holy Ark (the SSF rip). In sha-03.minissf it looks like this:

StartSlot: SA 557f6 PCM8B 0 LPCTL 1 ALFOS 0 STWINH 0 TL 35 EFSDL 0
AR 1f D1R 0 D2R b RR 14 DL 0 KRS 0 EGHOLD 0 LPSLNK 0

I agree it sounds unnatural, but not enough that I wouldn't say it's potentially just poorly made. kingshriek, any ideas? If I understand the envelope correctly (and I'm not saying I do) it seems like correct behavior (it keys on full strength and stays there on a very short loop until it's explicitly keyed off).