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Thanks for explaining, it makes a bit more sense now. The Commodore product line is just so full of variants and alternate names it gets confusing.


Reading back my answer, I could have sounded harsher than I meant. I should add more emoticons, even when I'm in hurry wink

About Commodore, they had indeed plenty of small variations among models and it's been a pain to sort them out. It could well be that a few of the duplicate sets will be removed later, if there was really no difference between them. However, if you find any mistake please report it, I could have easily overlooked or misunderstood some of the sources.

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SVN 3247

The max driver (Ultimax)is not working for me.
I still get a black screen. Is this ok ?

Yeah. Or better, it's the best you can expect right now. It will be fixed eventually, when the emulation improves. The system at least doesn't crash when you load a cart (which was a bug reported in bugzilla), but the NOT_WORKING flag will be probably added in 0.128 if we cannot fix it before.