Originally Posted by Anna Wu
[JUPITER] Fixed regression; driver works again.

I can load game cartridges (.ace), but i am not able after loading to start/control with the keyboard (Joystick is not available). Is this ok ?
Made a double check with the EightyOne emu, here i can start all my .ace files.

Another question :
The device view show me " Cartridge " for files with the .ace extension.
Other websites and emulators call this format "snapshot".
MESS not show me the device view for snapshots. Why ?

The ace files are snapshots, but they have always been implemented using a cartslot. Why, I do not know. That's just another thing that needs to be fixed.

The cassette loading is not working yet, probably because of some small emulation issue. The .tap file decoding is working because I see the header being read in, but for some reason the bios code doesn't see the end of the header block.

Thanks for checking the driver.