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The KIM-1 driver has been updated to use clickable inputs and the emulation can now read back it's own written cassette images. I have not yet found any direct wav dumps of KIM-1 cassettes, so I have not been able to test those.

If you want to try the KIM-1 emulation be sure to start with the debugger enabled and manually step through one or two cycles before the artwork is displayed. This is a mame core issue.

The KIM-1 sysinfo page on the mess wiki have been updated with instructions on how to write to and read from tape.


Not sure it is helpful.

It exist a tool where you can converting a
program file to an audio wavefile and reverse.
I convert the qchess.bin to qchess.wav
kimtape -M -A0200 -D01 -B2 qchess.bin qchess.wav
See the parameters (link).

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