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SVN revision 3349

Colour Genie driver

I have problems tu run disks.
Is it correct to remove the first 450 bytes of the header from .CGD disk and than I can rename to .DSK ?
Because if i mount the disk and start emulator, I get a crash.

J�rgen Buchm�ller's MESS page is no more available to get some disk�s in right format.

I have no idea about disks only the cassette implementation has been improved. Maybe make a bugzilla report for the broken disk emulation.

Is the cassette emulation working now ?
Convert .CAS to .WAV format (CAS2WAV)
Added proper cassette emulation. .wav only for now.
Added preliminary .cas support. Currently only the sync signal is recognized.

Mount .WAV (basic)file
Play tape but not stopped
Get no prompt to type RUN.

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