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Superboard II driver

Is the driver broken ?

yes and no. there is some problem (the continuous sound you hear... I suggest you to turn off the sound emulation for the moment)

but to start the driver you have to press Shift + C (i.e. capital C), then press Enter twice and you're finally able to reach the command prompt.

I'll add a note to sysinfo about this.

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[LYNX] Added partial support for .lyx files.

I know it is not fully working now.
Just tried to load cart with .lyx extension (converted by ucon64 tool). I can load but graphic errors.
Not sure it is depent of my conversion or of driver.

the "partial support" refers to the fact that we don't support lyx images of games which use memory bank 1 (not sure if any exist however). these would probably fail to load or start both in lnx and lyx format.

the graphical issues are not related to the file format but to incomplete emulation of the lynx (and I have no idea how to improve it at the moment frown ). you would have the same exact issues with a lnx file.

thanks for testing, anyway smile