the "partial support" refers to the fact that we don't support lyx images of games which use memory bank 1 (not sure if any exist however). these would probably fail to load or start both in lnx and lyx format.

the graphical issues are not related to the file format but to incomplete emulation of the lynx (and I have no idea how to improve it at the moment frown ). you would have the same exact issues with a lnx file.

thanks for testing, anyway smile

Thanks for the info !

Lynx driver

Just a example : Blockout

Picture 1 = Blockout.lnx
Picture 2 = Blockout.lyx (ucon64 --lyx Blockout.lnx)

[Linked Image from img367.imageshack.us][Linked Image from img367.imageshack.us] [Linked Image from img374.imageshack.us][Linked Image from img374.imageshack.us]

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