Today was my first time to split and merge roms. smile
I do it, with the new Sony MSX rom sets.


1.) Merge files (roms)

As example you need to merge 2x 16K files into one 32K file:
Command line
copy 500pext.rom /b + 500pdisk.rom /b 500pext.ic47
500pext.rom 16K
500pdisk.rom 16K
500pext.ic47 32K

2.) Split files (roms)

As example you need to split one 32K file into 2x 16K files:
Start a file splitter tool like Splitfile (Freeware)
Choose the 32K file
Set the needed size > 16384 (16K)
Split the 32K file
Rename the new 2x 16K files
If you get a checksum error ( MESS Audition ), use no CRC in tool (without CRC you can catenate any arbitrary files).

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