Dungeon Master and Metal Combat are the only games which are affected by those changes. However, Metal Combat is still not working due to lack of Super Scope support, but you can see OBC-1 emulation is ok [1] because now the graphics is completely showed

It's not a huge progress in terms of supported games, but it's something we were missing previously (so it's cool to have it now) and that we got basically for free thanks to byuu's kindness to release his code as Public Domain

Apart from these two, we only support DSP-1. We miss DSP-3, DSP-4, SuperFX, SDD-1, SA-1, S-RTC, C4, SPC-7110 (both with and without RTC), ST-010, ST-011, ST-018. you can find a list of games using each chip here

[1] actually, there could still be some issues with SRAM saving/loading but it's impossible to test it without Super Scope support.