4 new rips today:

by manakoAT:
Tetris 4D (1998)(Bullet Proof Software)

and three by me:

Dancing Blade Katteni Momotenshi! (1998)(Konami)
Fire Pro Wrestling D (2001)(Vaill, S-Neo, Spike)
Idol Janshi wo Tsukucchaou (1999)(Jaleco)

Word of a warning. The latter two games make extensive use of CD-DA (or rather GD-DA). I've included them (APS MP3 should be playable just about anywhere), which kinda makes the set largeish. For pure DSF packs, you'll have to wait for Modland to catch up with the latest ripping spree.

Fire Pro is as bad as it gets (700 kB of DSF files vs 120+ MB of MP3). But hey, at least you're getting the whole game soundtrack, not just 5 minutes worth of jingles. smile