The whole configure/make thing was designed around building the audacious plugin, but the core of VGMstream is a library without any frontend. There isn't a standalone way to just build that, though (well, a make in /src could work), and there are a few different build systems there so I understand how it can be confusing.

./bootstrap && ./configure && make -f Makefile.unix
for the audacious plugin

make in /
builds the Winamp plugin and command line decoder with the mingw cross-compiler in Ubuntu

make in /test
does a native build of the command line decoder (I guess you want to start with this)

and vgmstream.sln is a MSVC (don't recall which version) solution for building the Winamp plugin and command line decoder for Windows

There is also a dependency on libvorbis and libmpg123. If you remove references to those from the makefile and comment out the VGM_USE_* #defines in vgmstream.h it should work without them.

The endian-dependency mentioned is in the command line decoder; while the wav header is always written little-endian, the audio itself is rendered in host-endian and written straight out to the file. This can be fixed easily enough. But it is that way because I've never had an opportunity to test it on a big-endian system, so there could well be mistakes elsewhere. Also while I tried to be careful about types (using the intXX_t types where needed) it's never been built for anything but 32-bit x86.

Good luck, I'll try to pay attention if you need any help, and if you spot bugs let me know. The test decoder was supposed to be an example for how to interface with the library though it's become a bit unwieldy with features at this point.

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