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COMX35 driver

[COMX35] Separated 80-column ROMs driver

Dear Curt,

today I split the 80column.1.0.bin ROM (4096 bytes) which is now available in new 1802 Emulator and necessary for your added 80 Column support (80column.u3 2048 bytes + chargen.bin 2048 bytes).

I have no idea how I can test the 80 Column support because the most COMX software does not support the 80 Column card.

You need to select the 80 column card into one of the expansion slots in the configuration, and then type CARD Sx into the emulator, where x is the number of slot the 80 column card is "in".

E.g. if 80 column card is in slot 4, type CARD S4 and press Enter.

I am back from the vacations. Thank you so much for the info, I will test it. smile