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For a FreeBSD system with an up to date ports tree:
- cd /usr/ports/emulators/sdlmame
- su
- make
- make install

That will automatically download, compile, and install sdlmame and all needed dependencies.

If you want to build from the latest u-update, make sure you have done the above at least once to get the needed dependencies and from there on it's just a matter of issuing the appropriate make commands.

Sadly enough, there doesn't seem to be a PBI for pcbsd yet for either sdlmame or sdlmess.

I've updated the ports for sdlmame and sdlmess and also created a sdlmame-devel ports for u release.
They are not in the current ports-tree yet (I've opened PR but the original commiter seems dead ...).
Just get the tgz at http://distfiles.arcadebsd.org/ports rm the current directory and extract the new one.
I've removed the useless wrapper script and sdlmame and sdlmess use .mame and .mess respectively (sdlmame-devel use .mame-devel to avoid configuration problems).