Yeah it's an odd setup. It is a real arcade monitor (Nanao MS29-34), just a 31.5k VGA one, not a 15k one smile Naomi Universal cab. PC is some old kit I had lying around - P4 2.8, 1GB RAM, Geforce 2 MX400, and the OS on a CF card in a CF>IDE adapter, and a JVS-PAC.

It's still an experiment, all my MAME stuff seems to be such since AdvanceMAME died.

Done some more testing. Shoved xorg on - just the base, no window manager. Running SDLMAME in soft and scaling to 640x480 resolution (without yuv) is both slow and does something horrible to the graphics. Even without scaling it does the same thing. Running in (software) OpenGL sorts the graphics out but is obviously slow.

Baseline through WINE is superbly fast in ddraw. Even when prescaling and applying the scanline effect (which looks spot on, it's perfect). D3d is as slow as SDL's software OpenGL.

I'll have a further play in a few days time - I'll document things properly rather than just fiddling about smile

With regards to the frontends - it's probably obvious since this is in a cab that MAMEPGUI is worthless. AdvanceMENU's XML support is well out of date (I've tried fixing it, and had others to look at it but we've got nowhere), and quite frankly every single other frontend, both on Linux and on Windows look dreadful. Big long lists of things. I kinda like the marquee and tile modes (using title snaps) in AdvMenu.