You people don't get it, do you smile

Vas: Let me explain this again. I got an IIR low-pass filter inside AICA, aka Black Box. It uses two values as parametres for variable cutoff.
Even if I now have some figures as to how the magnitude vs frequency curve should look like, I still don't know how to construct the filter itself. It's only a guess that it's 2nd order filter - and if it is there are 6 internal coefficients that can be anything, really.
I need to figure out how the 2 parameters make those 6 coefficients. I can do that only by trying various combinations, not exactly very scientific method. With a design tool I could probably create a filter but it will only have one, set cutoff value. Still no clue how to make it variable with two parameters. Given a set of such filters I could possibly figure out what it is they have in common and focus on that. But that is simply too much work.

As explained before - someone who actually gets this stuff would probably know which coefficient to poke, just by looking at the curve. I just see that it doesn't match what I need, so now I can add something. Anything. Or substract. To any of the 6 variables. Good luck with that.

RB: Okay, this is in Polish but you will get the idea:
Rozwiązano zależności

 Pakiet                      Architektura
                                      Wersja             Repozytorium     Rozmiar
 gnuplot                     i386     4.2.2-1.fc8        updates-newkey   2.0 M
Instalowanie, aby rozwiązać zależności:
 ConsoleKit                  i386     0.2.3-3.fc8.1      updates-newkey    55 k
 GConf2                      i386     2.20.1-1.fc8       fedora           1.6 M
 ORBit2                      i386     2.14.10-2.fc8      fedora           187 k
 PolicyKit                   i386     0.6-2.fc8          updates-newkey    76 k
 PolicyKit-gnome             i386     0.6-1.fc8          fedora            34 k
 SDL                         i386     1.2.13-2.fc8       updates-newkey   222 k
 alsa-lib                    i386     1.0.16-3.fc8       updates-newkey   402 k
 atk                         i386     1.20.0-1.fc8       fedora           212 k
 audiofile                   i386     1:0.2.6-7.fc8      fedora           107 k
 avahi                       i386     0.6.21-8.fc8       updates-newkey   237 k
 avahi-glib                  i386     0.6.21-8.fc8       updates-newkey    17 k
 bluecurve-icon-theme        noarch   8.0.0-1.fc8        fedora           5.1 M
 cdparanoia-libs             i386     alpha9.8-27.2      fedora            50 k
 control-center-filesystem   i386     1:2.20.3-3.fc8     updates-newkey    34 k
 dmidecode                   i386     1:2.7-1.26.1.fc6   fedora            61 k
 esound-libs                 i386     1:0.2.38-6.fc8     fedora            73 k
 fedora-gnome-theme          noarch   8.0.0-2.fc8        updates-newkey    10 k
 fedora-icon-theme           noarch   1.0.0-1.fc8        fedora           115 k
 gail                        i386     1.20.2-1.fc8       updates-newkey   290 k
 gnome-keyring               i386     2.20.3-1.fc8       updates-newkey   210 k
 gnome-mime-data             noarch   2.18.0-2.fc7       fedora           724 k
 gnome-mount                 i386     0.7-1.fc8          fedora           126 k
 gnome-themes                noarch   2.20.2-1.fc8       updates-newkey   2.5 M
 gnome-vfs2                  i386     2.20.1-1.fc8       updates-newkey   1.1 M
 gstreamer                   i386     0.10.15-1.fc8      updates-newkey   689 k
 gstreamer-plugins-base      i386     0.10.15-4.fc8      updates-newkey   879 k
 gstreamer-tools             i386     0.10.15-1.fc8      updates-newkey    18 k
 gtk-nodoka-engine           i386     0.6.2-1.fc8        updates-newkey    47 k
 gtk2                        i386     2.12.8-2.fc8       updates-newkey   6.8 M
 gtk2-engines                i386     2.12.2-1.fc8       fedora           393 k
 hal                         i386     0.5.10-5.fc8       updates-newkey   461 k
 hal-info                    noarch   20080607-2.fc8     updates-newkey   118 k
 hal-libs                    i386     0.5.10-5.fc8       updates-newkey    61 k
 hicolor-icon-theme          noarch   0.10-2             fedora            32 k
 libIDL                      i386     0.8.9-1.fc8        fedora            87 k
 libXcomposite               i386     0.4.0-3.fc8        fedora            14 k
 libXcursor                  i386     1.1.9-1.fc8        fedora            29 k
 libXinerama                 i386     1.0.2-3.fc8        fedora            12 k
 libXrandr                   i386     1.2.2-1.fc8        fedora            21 k
 libXres                     i386     1.0.3-3.fc8        fedora            13 k
 libXv                       i386     1.0.3-3.fc8        fedora            19 k
 libart_lgpl                 i386     2.3.19-3.fc8       fedora            77 k
 libbonobo                   i386     2.20.3-1.fc8       updates-newkey   469 k
 libbonoboui                 i386     2.20.0-1.fc8       fedora           352 k
 libglade2                   i386     2.6.2-4.fc8        updates-newkey    64 k
 libgnome                    i386     2.20.1-2.fc8       fedora           966 k
 libgnomecanvas              i386     2.20.1-3.fc8       updates-newkey   228 k
 libgnomeui                  i386     fedora           1.0 M
 libnotify                   i386     0.4.4-8.fc8        fedora            33 k
 libogg                      i386     2:1.1.3-5.fc8      fedora            19 k
 liboil                      i386     0.3.12-11.fc8      fedora           158 k
 libsmbios-bin               i386     0.13.13-1.fc8      updates-newkey    58 k
 libsmbios-libs              i386     0.13.13-1.fc8      updates-newkey   237 k
 libtheora                   i386     1.0beta2-3.fc8     updates-newkey   138 k
 libvisual                   i386     0.4.0-4.fc8        fedora           150 k
 libvorbis                   i386     1:1.2.0-2.fc8      updates-newkey   192 k
 libwnck                     i386     2.20.3-1.fc8       updates-newkey   322 k
 libxslt                     i386     1.1.24-2.fc8       updates-newkey   526 k
 metacity                    i386     2.20.2-1.fc8       updates-newkey   2.2 M
 nodoka-metacity-theme       noarch   0.3.2-2.fc8        fedora           7.8 k
 notification-daemon         i386     0.3.7-6.fc8        fedora            48 k
 pm-utils                    i386     0.99.4-19.fc8      updates-newkey    44 k
 shared-mime-info            i386     0.23-2.fc8         updates-newkey   166 k
 startup-notification        i386     0.9-3.fc8          fedora            38 k
 wxBase                      i386     2.8.9-1.fc8        updates-newkey   688 k
 wxGTK                       i386     2.8.9-1.fc8        updates-newkey   3.9 M

Podsumowanie transakcji
Instalowanie      67 pakiet�w     
Aktualizowanie     0 pakiet�w     
Usuwanie           0 pakiet�w     

Całkowity rozmiar pobierania: 37 M

It's not about 35MB. It's about the 67 packages I don't need or have even heard of.
This is beyond sloppy. I mean c'mon - SDL? gtk2? Why not the whole KDE when at it?! What is the point of creating separate packages in the first place then?
This is just like the install process on the new distros - you can select "only the things you need" - to conserve disk space. Right. Pick one wrong program and the whole DVD will get installed anyway, as dependencies. It's like chain reaction. Linux sworn people laughing at Vista's size should really do du -hs on their /usr sometime.

I simply refuse to bloat my precious headless system. I'm pretty sure I would have to install much less devel libs when trying to compile gnuplot from sources (most of those I probably already have). And even then I'd never need any pm-utils. Sheesh.

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