I take it 'anonymous plugin guy' won't work. smile

New SSF rips by me:

Angelique Special 2 (1997)(Koei)
Masters Harukanaru Augusta 3 (1995)(T&E)
Nobunaga's Ambition - Sengoku Gunyuuden (1998)(Koei)

and one by ANUSFEST:

Album Club (Mune Kyun) ~Saint Paulia Jogakouin~ (1997)(Societa Daikanyama) <-- really creepy game, with the cover that wouldn't feel out of place at 'To Catch a Predator'


More T&E, more Koei...
Oh, and speaking of Koei:

Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf [Aoki Ookami to Shiroki Mejika - Genchou Hishi] (1998)(Koei)

Since it's not yet up on the PSF mirror.
Almost on par with Racing Lagoon in the 'wth, this isn't streamed?' factor.