I am not 100% sure this is the best place in the world to post this - but here it goes. If anyone knows of a better place to ask this question, please tell me what it is. Thanks.

I am just getting into FM synthesis and am particularly interested in the YM2151. This chip provided the music to arcade games like Peter Pack Rat, 720, Marble Madness and more. There is a VERY good vst/plugin for musicians called VOPM that emulates this chip.

I have read on places like OCR that you can follow steps to dump the sound data from a Genesis emulator and have it be read by a program that will give you all the necessary Operator, Carrier, ASDR, LFO, etc ... data so you can pick an instrument you like from a genesis game and then put those settings into VOPM and get the same sound. [Note that the genesis chip is a scaled down OPM/2151 chip - so this works].

So here is my question: How can the same thing be done for arcade games? I have looked EVERYWHERE for ideas how to do this and have come up with nothing. So far the best idea I have come up with is to edit the ym2151.c code for mame to output all the data I need ... I think this may already be done with its "cym logging" in the code but what do I do with the .cym file and is this logging even still supported in MAME?

The reason I post this here is because if m1 uses mame code (like ym2151.c), I think it would be MUCH easier to go to the song in the game I am interested in and THEN kick off the dump/logging. If m1 open source? I do not see the code around here ...

If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. There are some very non-standard "patches" used in some of these arcade games - I would love to be able to use and/or play around with these instruments in my music.