Wow Phil, this is great! This is way beyond what I was planning on doing. Here you can easily isolate the channel, press a button and you have the patch file all ready to be imported by vopm! Thank you!

I grabbed the build that Twisty posted and since I was using roms from like 2002, only Paperboy worked. But I tested it there and it worked without a hitch. I'm getting updated roms and will have a lot of fun with this.

Just out of curiousity, is there a list of all arcade games using the 2151? I didn't even know Splatterhouse was an arcade game, let alone one that used the 2151 - I checked it out on youtube and music is very good - I may have to play through the game to get that cool ending music patch.

Oh and I know there are people on SoundShock and OCR that would be very interested in this. If no one minds I'd like to let them know about this.