Yeah. The best part is not all the banks in the map are marked "valid", it's pretty crazy.

Here's the map the game has loaded in case it helps putting stuff together from the pieces. Note that not all the slots are marked "valid".

TONE          Bank  0 : offset=0x0B000 size=0x12600 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x12CBD449
DSP_PROGRAM   Bank  0 : offset=0x1D600 size=0x00540 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x6823BA16
DSP_RAM       Bank  0 : offset=0x1E000 size=0x10040 transferred=0 valid=1
SEQUENCE      Bank  0 : offset=0x2E040 size=0x07638 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x56CC177C
TONE          Bank  1 : offset=0x35678 size=0x1B4F0 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x00000000
SEQUENCE      Bank  1 : offset=0x50B68 size=0x04A68 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x39267599
TONE          Bank  2 : offset=0x555D0 size=0x0EB50 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x74B9B6BD
SEQUENCE      Bank  2 : offset=0x64120 size=0x005E0 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x6B485951
TONE          Bank  3 : offset=0x64700 size=0x0E884 transferred=0 valid=0
SEQUENCE      Bank  3 : offset=0x72F84 size=0x004B0 transferred=0 valid=0
TONE          Bank  4 : offset=0x73434 size=0x09F08 transferred=0 valid=0
SEQUENCE      Bank  4 : offset=0x7D33C size=0x00870 transferred=0 valid=0
TONE          Bank  5 : offset=0x7DBAC size=0x019A0 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x19985A6B
SEQUENCE      Bank  5 : offset=0x7F54C size=0x00084 transferred=1 valid=1 crc32=0x00000000

Also, sequence 0/tone 0 are the music in most cases. Sequence 1/tone 1 is the sound f/x.

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