New Saturn rips:

Fire Pro Gaiden - Blazing Tornado (1995)(Human)
Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 (1998)(Video System)
Mahjong Ganryuujima (1995)(Cosmos Computer)(ASCII)
SD Gundam G-Century S (1998)(Japan Art Media)(Bandai)

SD Gundam is purely streamed, rest of them uses at least some sequences.
Not sure what's the deal with Mahjong Ganryuujima, both tone banks have all EFSDL values set to zero. And there's a third tone bank in the map file, but only two found on disc (well, there's a third one in SDDRVS.TSK, don't think that one counts). Maybe the game uses DSP only for the SFX? Pretty crappy music either way. laugh