Be careful what you wish for or... you just may get it wink

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Jokes aside, commit is in progress adding Amiga 1200 and CD32, both marked as Not Working. Thanks incog for the initial submission (adapted from cubocd32 in MAME)

I also hooked up the floppy drive to a1200, under the assumption it worked like on a a500... and I think I was wrong, because it doesn't load WorkBench.
In fact, reason may be anything: broken .adf image, mistakes in the CIA interface, or the floppy can require being hooked up to something completely different...

I'm not going to further work on this, because I have already too many things in progress (and I only wanted to reduce redundant code with MAME + add a1200), if anyone wants to step up and take care of this, the code is in the svn repository