I used to chat a lot with pSXAuthor, but it was a semi decade ago, long before he became an emuceleb, and when he was easily accessible. We were talking about technical stuffs, or psx gaming, or other stuff you don't need to know about... I still remember how he impressed me with his rock solid technical knowledge of the PS1, and even tho I never asked him, I knew who he was working for... *cough*

In all honnesty I'm surprised that his emulator isn't perfect yet and can benefit from mame. I thought it would long be perfect by now, but it's been years I haven't launched a psx emulator nor visited his website, so I did never check confirmation.

Oh! And I think I won't offend pSXAuthor by revealing that one of his most favorites PS1 games was Valkyrie Profile, like me. Tho I will not reveal which ps2 games he could run even at that time. :x