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We should make "official" XML packs available for the "good" games supported (in favour of the [at least in the past] much discussed static gamelists in the source). Just like Pugsy does for cheats.

yeah, I think xml could be added to Wiki (they only include crc info). Maybe together with a clrmame dat to rebuild the sets from MAME romsets.

static gamelists are parallel to xml and should not be mixed. static gamelists, if ever included, will be a coexisting alternative to the capability of loading any piece of software. the latter, in neogeo, would be impossible without xml layouts

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Can the XML also be seperated from the rom data? So if you wanna play tpgolf you got the tpgolf.xml in your aes folder and a tpgolf.zip beside where the data can be found.

I would vote no, but I would agree with the majority. the point of xml support is to replace older headered formats with something cleaner: a zip containing separate chip dumps + xml layout. Neogeo is indeed a borderline case, because MAME already allows to have good dumps, but splitting xml from other data could create problems when we shall work with other systems.

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Would also avoid the distribution of the "official" XMLs with the "illegal" romdata in one archive.

who cares if official xmls are spread with illegal data? the important thing is to stress that official website of the project ONLY distributes the legal xml data and no copyrighted items

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Mizapf bypassed a lot more of the core than I was expecting, so we may or may not get standard behavior with .rpks.

what do you mean for "standard behavior"?

overall, great news about the neogeocd!