(Back from the murky depths of the abyss he crawls...)

Thanks for the expanded instructions Dave, this was a huge help! I haven't played MAME in years, and I was able to get SDLMAME to compile and run using MacMAMEInfoX with minimal fuss.

Ahhh... memories.

Question - is "make -j3 for dual-core and -j5 for quad-core to build MAME at speeds never before achieved" (from the SDLMAME.txt) strictly to increase build speed, or is that to also optimize MAME for running on a multi-core processor? At any rate, it certainly built quickly on my quad-core Mac Pro.

And yes, I still have your laserdiscs. eek Terribly sorry I haven't sent them back to you. I was planning on digitizing them (yet again) and sending you the digital files along with the laserdiscs, but was waiting until I got an AJA Kona LSe card so I could do them in ProRes 422. However, now I see that there's already a digitizing project well under way (I hope they're remembering to remove the 3:2 pulldown from CAV 23.98 fps discs), so I'm guessing that probably isn't necessary. Although I will have the card this summer, since it's part of our archiving project at work (I may even be able to swing one of these if I'm lucky)... so if you do want them digitized... wink

Anyway, fire me off an e-mail (still the same address), and I promise I'll get the LDs sent back to you.

(Really... I am sorry about that.)

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