SVN r5097
megacd2 driver

megacd_model2_bios_2_00w_e.bin [CRC32: 4d5cb8da] [SHA1: f5f60f03501908962446ee02fc27d98694dd157d]

Are you sure the rom/crc is correct ?

It exist another rom (eu_mcd2_930601):

[CRC32: d344f125] [SHA1: 523b3125fb0ac094e16aa072bc6ccdca22e520e5]

xeye driver

us_xeye_931227.bin [CRC32: 4e18b45c] [SHA1: 615f11b4a81cf957ae55fe99b453c4d8355eab46]

it exist another rom (us_xeye_931227)

[CRC32: 290f8e33] [SHA1: 651f14d5a5e0ecb974a60c0f43b1d2006323fb09]


Thanks to TmEE , the we finally have a WonderMega BIOS dump. This is a dump of the Sega branded WonderMega. Also, TmEE dumped his X'eye, and I found that the release done a while back on X-Cult was a faulty rip. This X'eye BIOS actually functions in an emulator, albeit it is a little slow. Pick them up here.

Actually, TmEE's wondermega dump currently on the wiki page is confirmed bad.

He redumped his X'eye by desoldering and dumping the chip instead of dumping it with his genesis dump program. the crc32 of his redump is 290f8e33 which matches my original dump. So the statement above regarding the dump i did last year being faulty and this xeye bios being more functional is wrong, as TmEEs chip redump matches my dump I released here last year. So should probably edit the x'eye bit out of the news post so not to confuse people.

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