Actraiser: execution ratio between the 65816 and SPC700 favors the 65816 too much. Locks up. Note that the game is playable at 102% SPC700 speed (but still lacks sound).

There's a number of issues MESS currently has that contribute to this (system always runs at 6 master clocks/cycle, DRAM refresh period is likely not emulated, etc), and I am only posting this "so there is a record of it".

Edit 1: Full Throttle Racing doesn't start (which prevents me from seeing whether it's as messed up as it was in mainstream SNES emulators)

Edit 2: Strike Gunner (U). The sides scroll in MESS. They shouldn't (bsnes/snes9x show correct behavior in this case)

Edit 3: Umihara Kawase (j): Obvious. As I recall, the game does something demented with IRQs.

4: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest has two obvious errors. FIrst, Player damage should descend in front of the player, not behind (the text is sprite-based). Second, when dialogue is shown, there is a line where the background is visible through the box. Shouldn't be there).

(In case you're wondering, I've got a list of games that have caused emulators of yore some headaches and I'm testing those)

5: Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions will induce seizures by having one (Some kind of IRQ register functionality issue, supposedly). Note that Seiken Densetsu 3 is picky about IRQ operation as well, and should be regression tested when Daffy is fixed.

6: Last one for tonight, Moryo Senki Madara 2 has gaps in the middle of the text. All of the pixels are there, but there is a blank line or two in the middle of ALL of the text. Also, combat is seriously weird looking (probably some sort of hi-res thing?)

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