Umihara: fixed.

Mystic Quest: lines fixed. Text still wrong (in battle, damage to player is incorrect)

Madara 2: the break in the text isn't gone, just "so low it shows up much less"

Strike Gunner: additional bug when the first boss flies past you. The shadow looks "just plain awful", and it definitely shouldn't.

The Flintstones - Treasure of the Sierra Madrock shows a sprite glitch in the attract sequence. (also demonstrates two other MESS issues: it doesn't start identically in fast forward mode, and if it locks up because of fast forward, a reset will not fix it!)

Super Bases Loaded 2 does not start (226 partial updates??)

Ys 3 also suffers from Mode 7 having too many bits of precision in the formula.

Super Robot Wars EX locks up in combat. Snes9x had this issue and it amounts to "improper TIMEUP emulation"

Top Gear 2 cannot get in game, which makes me depressed. (However, the music works!)

EDIT: ok, I can't follow the draw code at all, but is Mode 4 even using offset-per-tile? If you use the standard variation used by 2 and 6, it won't work (can only scroll in one direction per tile in Mode 4), but that would "definitely" break Puzzle Bobble.

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