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I am Emerson Jos� Silveira da Costa <emerson.costa@gmail.com>, a Brazilian owner of a CCE MC-1000. I also have a wiki on this machine, and would love to see it fully implemented in MESS.

I would like to help. I know some details of the hardware. I also know some C and could even code, if I had a tutorial on the files and functions that MESS uses.

Some file-related advice: For the most part, the only files you'll need to deal with are in src/mess/, and possibly src/mame/machine/ and src/mame/includes/ for some peripheral chips. CPU-specific files are located in src/emu/cpu/, but that would be the only reason to venture into src/emu/ for any reason.

If you have specific questions that you'd like to know more about, that would probably allow us to help you better. smile