Tokimeki: it does just that.

timing: while emulating everything at the 6 master cycle level is definitely causing problems, you do also need to consider that DMA and HDMA are "free" in MESS (and 8 master cycles on hardware, plus somne overhead), and that we don't emulate DRAM refresh at all. (Don't ask me for an exact cycle count there. it's "40" master cycles, but is that decimal or hex? I forget!).

Adding any of that to the emulation would slow down the main CPU significantly. (DMA is a minimum 4% in most games as it rewrites the palette and OAM. More if it updates the tilemap or tile data!)

I'll be back in a while with an update on what I've found to be fixed.

Edit: early bug retesting:

Tokimeki - still broke as sin, and the performance indicates we're doing something terribly wrong somewhere. I'll try a release build later, just in case.

Madara 2 - menus are fixed. Text break-up is not. combat is still only half-screen. Definitely closing in on "pretty much perfect" hi-res smile

"new" bug report: Bishoujo Wrestler Retsuden has a background gradient that should take up the full screen. MESS currently has it half-screen. It's probably an old bug, but I hadn't tested this particular case until now.

Edit 3: ok, now Chase HQ's menu screen is GREEN??

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