check error.log message and you'll see how is it recognized (I don't have a copy of the image right now to verify)

about Super Chase HQ: here the color of the start screen goes randomly from black to pink to green depending on the run

about Seiken Densetsu: I have tried it yesterday and it seemed working (with only dialogue windows of the wrong size). now, in-game, it shows a black screen only. but it could be another of these random behaviors, because I cannot find an older svn revision which works, atm

very weird behaviors wink

EDIT: ok. found an image. I'm quite sure we are mapping it correctly (code based on BSNES, if you check messnew.txt). I had thought that "broken as sin" would have meant something like Test Drive 2, but here Tokimeki Memorial shows most of the graphics and only menu entries are really broken... could the game make use of the still-MIA OPT feature?