Excellent fixes...very exciting...

Super Mario Kart improved (yipee!!) not sure which fix did it, but the ground is now visible in game but has 2 behaviors that are not right...

4 pics

1. Driving works but there is some weird "walls" in the levels, even the computer controlled players bunch up. See picture.

2. If you quite while in game play and start again, the intro screen is shifted by a full screen to the left. If you exit any other (like while in select) time the intro is fine. see lower right screen shot, you can just see the edge of the background on left. something is bad from session to session.

Also since I was taking some snapshot I threw in there Super Offroad - The Baja. The gameplay roadway flashes, but the interesting bug is the panel flashes back and forth from being 1/4 screen off horizontally. took a screen shot of it in both positions, live it looks much crazier.

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