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(something about Captain Commando (J) crashing in bsnes)

I can't reproduce that, it runs fine here. Any more details?

Maybe you already fixed it...anyway:

00F915: CLC
00F916: XCE
00F917: SEP #$30
00F919: JMP $c00000
C00000: SBC $ffffff,X
C00004: SBC $ffffff,X
(and so on and on and on)

This is what it does in MESS and presumably in bsnes v0.048 too since that the snescart code is ported from there. It does that in "Live-A-Live (J)" and "3x3 Eyes - Jyuma Houkan (J)" too, pratically decodes the cart as LoROM but it's actually an HiROM...

EDIT: r5429 /src/mame/machine/snes.c: [SNES]: Fixed a vram out of bounds bug

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