byuu, I don't even work on the SNES driver here smile

Just assume I have "outside interests" that could benefit, but aren't necessarily MAME-architecture compatible. (I doubt it will pass just yet, but I'd assume the tests would have an explanation of expectations that would)

I guess I'm just looking to address the large hole in the SNES testing battery.

At the highest level, you have an SPC700 test ROM from Overload.
In the middle, the SNES test cart.

There's not much else. Nothing to test the 5A22 (where I'm sure I have a bug somewhere). Nothing to test DMA register behavior short of games. Nothing to test IRQ/NMI at a tighter tolerance than the electronics test (which is not terribly precise). Nothing to check for the DRAM refresh. Obviously, your tests come at the extremely fine end of the scale, but they still would serve a purpose in circulation: that of offering a highly precise set of "last tests" for shaking down an emulator.