Best way to watch for OAM is *usually* to watch for 544 byte DMA transfers (destination $04, but the 544 has always jummped out at me faster)

I'm thinking it's still going to wind up being a timing issue for Shaq Fu.

Possible lead on the other one (investigating now).

Apparently, Rock n Roll Racing expects DMA to stay in-bank. (Bank wrapping is not at all uncommon on the 65816, see MVN/MVP and several other modes where the top 8 bits of an address are fixed). My best reading of BSNES indicates likewise (the A-bus address only increments a 16-bit address and appends 8 bits for bank). MESS, otoh, uses a 24-bit DMA address.

edit because Kale added stuff: If DMA isn't reset after a DMA, that's what I would expect them to be. Short of DMA from a fixed source. Except for the length. That should be 0 after a transfer.

Edit (I'm stupid): oh. 0x10000 that's probably solved by adding the bank wrap. because the last 0x200 bytes that DMA would write? the palette!

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