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About Seiken Densetsu 3, there's certainly a bug regarding that garbage at the top of the talk bar, surely there's a couple of bug in the current mode 5/6 implementation

I wasn't just talking about the garbage. Any time there's even a single visible scanline of hires anywhere on the screen you need to render the entire frame at 512 resolution, otherwise you're throwing ("half-")pixels away.

Then again...there's a bug in the mode 5/6 implementation that makes some pixels to be "thrown away"... check the charset 6 on snap 1 and charset 3 on snap 2.

[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]

[Linked Image from mamedev.emulab.it]

Could also be that calling a single line of mode 5 makes the entire screen to be 512x224, but again we are into the same theory league as who shot JFK...

And in the end...I'm referring as "internal framebuffer" the thing that converts the digital format to something usable by an analog device like a TV, the DAC in short.